Conditions of Registration

We will contact you annually to request a confirmation that your details are correct and accurate and in the event that you do not reply to our request, we reserve the right to remove you from our Supplier Registration.

You may be removed from our Supplier Registration list if after a general assessment evaluation of performance for each type of supply made by my you, you achieve on more than one occasion  an assessment evaluation not greater than sufficient on the basis of the following assessment evaluation criteria: – 1 Poor; 2 Insufficient; 3 Sufficient; 4 Good and 5 Excellent.

We reserve the right to removed  your registration as a registered supplier in the event that:

  • we do not have the required the information requested in the registration application form;
  • the information requested in the registration application is inaccurate or misleading;
  • If you are in breach of our terms and condition of  supply applying to the Purchase Order or if there are  legal and / or arbitral proceedings in course between you and ITA or any of its associated branches which are not concluded;
  • If you have been requested in writing to submit a price estimate and have  not responded to three separate written requests within a two year period;
  • if it you have not responded for a period of two years to our request for confirmation of yours registered details; and
  • if you have been excluded from tenders by other branches of ITA.